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Old 12-07-17, 08:52 PM
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Question How long will my AX850 last?

As the titles says how long will my AX850 last?

Bought in 2012

I know that there is a 7 year warranty on the PSU but I have been wondering recently if it will last the full 7 years. I generally buy good stuff whether it be PC equipment or Household Electronics.

My Sony TV's had a 5 year warranty from John Lewis in the UK but so do Samsung, Phillips and LG but some get 6 years with Richer Sounds

I have mostly bought Sony TV's in the past and they have far out-lived their warranty by a long shot.

I know a warranty says that a component should perfom as specified for the length of the warranty but what is the normal expected life of a PSU from Corsair, just thought I'd ask.

After doing some power drain tests from the wall socket, as it stands at the moment, pushing the rig with Ghost Recon @4K on Ultra produces a peak power of approx 580w from the wall.

Should I be looking for a new one or should i just expect it to live to 7 years and beyond?


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Old 12-07-17, 11:50 PM
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How long is a piece of string? It could last 2mins to 20 years just depends but usually if a company warrants their product for 7 years they at least expect it to last that long so you basically answered your own question.
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Old 13-07-17, 05:53 AM
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Open it once a year to check the caps for bulge and leakage and to remove any thermal blankets (dust, usually) and you should be good to go.

Oh yeah, give the fan a good cleaning too and if it makes any noises replace.

We had a discussion on another forum about this the other day, and the general consent is that you should really use a PSU that you pull no more than 50% from. This way the components remain cool, and ageing is prolonged. PSUs are all most efficient below 50%.
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Old 14-07-17, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Vipermk2 View Post
I know a warranty says that a component should perfom as specified for the length of the warranty but what is the normal expected life of a PSU from Corsair, just thought I'd ask.
It's near impossible to say a product will outlive it's warranty period as everyone's usage of the product can vary greatly. The unit comes with a long warranty, and is designed to outlive it. However, should the unit fail before the warranty period expires, we will take care of you and replace the unit through our RMA processes and policies.

Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Open it once a year to check the caps for bulge and leakage and to remove any thermal blankets (dust, usually) and you should be good to go.
I strongly advise against opening the unit as this is grounds to void the warranty. Usually a can of compressed air should do the trick to clean the unit out.
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Old 18-07-17, 02:23 PM
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Just to give you an example... I bought my HX1000 from Corsair in 2008.

Still running well.
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Old 23-07-17, 02:01 AM
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It mostly depends on how close you run it to capacity. Run it at 95% load, and it will die sooner than running it at 75% load.

I would say there is a very good chance it will last way beyond the warranty period.

The only thing you really need to worry about changing out is surge protectors. Those do degrade over time unlike power supplies.
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Old 24-07-17, 07:14 PM
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mine is going to last 20-30 years:
i ve never used it.
I bought this corsair psu and a 1200psu for another pc times ago.

i placed this triple monitor setup an a table, turned on to install windows and drivers.I spent a night to oc the system to the limit and never used it again.
It s still there in another house in the country.
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