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Old 22-11-17, 12:54 AM
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Gettin overclocking error/crash and I dont OC my system

So last few days my system has crashed a few times. First was when I was editing in Prem Pro and now a few times today while playing Gears 4.

There was just no signal goin to the monitor. It didnt shut down over overheating or something. So I had to do a hard reboot. When I turned it back on there was an error message sayin something about an overclocking error and it forced me into the BIOS.

I dont over clock any part of my system so im not sure whats goin on. I have read that possibly there is a memory frequency issue.

I just exited the bios without making any changes and it worked OK for a bit.

This time it crashed while playing gears and my Object Dock has gone, set back to factory.

My system is

i7 6700k
ASUS z170 mobo
16g Corsair Vengance LED
Kracken x 61 AIO
Hyper x SSD boot drive
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Old 22-11-17, 02:14 AM
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If you're not running an OC then 9/10 this is a memory issue, are your timings and voltages manually set or are you just using default?
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Old 22-11-17, 03:11 PM
Graemzy Graemzy is offline
Join Date: Dec 2016
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They are just set to default. I dont messa round with any setting at all in the bios.

What I did notice is that the bios says that the memory is a different frequency that it should be. My mem in 3200 and its says its like 2800 or something. Im about to restart now so Ill go in and see what it says and post it up here
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