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Originally Posted by SieB View Post
Specialtech are good, I've never had problems with orders from them although there have been people on here that have.

I don't think they ever had a partnership with OC3D, not one that I remember anyway. Tom has always recommended them in vids and such and still does as far as I know though. He posted on the TTL FB about the 900D being available from ST just the other day anyway.
Well the post I saw announcing it was from 2006

I'm looking at getting this but the courier is FedEx who I've had no experience of at all.

Originally Posted by Greenback View Post
I've had no trouble with them and had stuff delivered with in 2 days at the most, customer service is excellent. I have got to the point where I use aria for hardware ST for water never look elsewhere
I would normally buy from Aria too, but they don't seem to have the "Core" (no mesh or window) model. It works out as just over £44 with the FedEx delivery on ST, but then adding the mesh and badge (if I eventually decide to go that route) will probably negate the saving now I think about it

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