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Hi mate, I too have built a pretty unconventional cooling loop, ill post links at the bottom.

with the rad you wont need any fans. I have 8 ltrs in my loop, I have a rad but the fans never kick in.
Your main issue is that pump. the block you have wont handle that kind of flow, it will cause back pressure and you will have tubes popping off like hose pipes, (ask me how I know), so you need to test that block and see how much its max LPM is then get a pump that can do that. anything over that will cause excess pressure and will damage the pump.

Oh also, you cant bore them out to improve flow rate. well you can, and flow rate improves, cooling will degrade though so theres no point, (been there done that).

So my advice is, change the connectors on the rad to step down hose tails from a pond shop, jubilee clip them in. Then get a smaller pump, or you could create a bypass loop with a ball valve and have the excess LPM run around that. and back, the ball valve will let you fine tune it.

hope this helps

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