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sweet now im really looking forward to finishing this project. i shall upload pics of the completed project when its all done and hopefully the temps i get if this works OK. im hoping that by taking the heat out of my case from the CPU as the AIO i have sucks air from the outside to the inside of the case, that i can run the exhausts at low RPM and modify my GPU fan curve so i dont have to mess with the fan speeds at all whether gaming or idle.

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yeah ive already leak tested it for 24 hours + when i was applying the araldite so it shouldnt leak. ill do another 24 hour test when i hook the loop up and before i first power it on. na its not a washing machine pump, just an aquarium pump for a pond or tank etc. but i made sure it had a decent amount of power before i bought it. roughly 1000LPH and like 3.2m of head or something like that.
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