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Originally Posted by JayCobs View Post
For a fleeting moment I thought you were joining the club!
Well, I'll still have Noctua coolers, so...

Seriously though, I love those San Ace fans for this build. They're way too loud for something
like HELIOS, which will end up in my room, but for something that's in its own separate
room they're perfect. And as a build quality fetishist, handling those rather hefty double
ball bearing fans is a pure joy.

I'd love to have some double ball bearing 140's for HELIOS, but they're around 50 to 70 USD
per piece, and they'll never be as silent as the Spectre Pros, so I don't really see the point
in spending 400 to 600 USD on them. But hell, those would be awesome (they weight
450 grams a piece, which is about one pound, massive construction FTW! ).

Hell, I'd even take some industrial sleeve bearing fans from Papst (also extremely well
built), but they don't come in 140.

Bottom line: I'd love to have industrial grade build quality coupled with extremely low
noise, but that's just not going to happen as fas as I'm able to tell.
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