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The NHS Is Going Downhill

So my dad had a stent in around 2 years ago due to artery plaque, Got a completely clean bill of health after that but the doctor had him on double the dose of blood pressure pills up until that point, It was only when he switched doctor that they found artery plaque which was quickly sorted out but due to the over dosing of blood pressure pills it gave him severe vertigo, His old doctor was apparently known as the banker, Loved doling pills out to people that didn't need it.

Anyway he's been to the hospital to see his new doctor a few times which is a different doctor each time and he cannot get help with this vertigo problem which has also had another side effect of giving him irregular heartbeats, A few days ago a Jordanian doctor said to him and I quote -

"Well I can't do anything but if you go 3 doors down the hall and pay £1500 to that private company you can get sorted out within 5 minutes"

Which left both of us gob smacked, I did ask why she couldn't do anything and I was just met with -


Then she just walked off.

It seems to be getting worse by the day and many doctors are trying to make a push for privatisation which will see them get even more money with the not so well off being left out in the cold, Completely immoral.

My dad has just decided to go back to hospital to have a check-up as his heartbeat is becoming irregular again, Which is down to the over medication he previously experienced.

I think in the next year or so I'm going to get myself and my dad out of England, It's only getting worse.

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