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Originally Posted by Avet View Post
As near as makes no difference. I would pick Gigabyte because it wouldn't clash with other components.

Advice: Use WiFi only if you absolutely and undisputedly must. I would drill a hole through a concrete wall with a spoon so I could run a cable over using WiFi on my main system.

This. Whilst I used an SDS drill instead of a spoon, I went out the lounge wall with 25 metres of exterior grade Cat 6a cable, up the wall of the house, into the eaves, across the loft, and down the wall into the gaming room. Terminated both ends with faceplates and backboxes.

And at £37 for the kit, it's significantly cheaper than a wifi adapter and if |I choose to upgrage to 10G networking later I can do.


The only reason to NOT use it is if you don't own your own place and your landlord or parents won't allow you to drill through the walls.
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