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Hi guys

i wouldnt normally ask a question regarding installation of graphic cards however ive been having no end of problems with a XFX HD4850 and i need the correct method of removing my current card (XFX HD5670 ).. and then remove both the drivers and run driver sweeper to eradicate any remaining driver files ect

i want to run driver sweeper as ive had several different cards installed on my pc ( 5 to be precise ) and the accumilation of old redundant driver files may be the cause of recent problems with the HD4850 ( note : ive only been using the HD5670 for stability,however i want to install the HD4850 as its more powerful )

so i shall write what i think is the correct method and i need to you to correct me if its wrong in any area

1) remove current ati drivers ( restart when finished)

2) upon restart press F8 to enter safe mode

3) in safe mode run driver sweeper selecting both ati and nvidia ( since i have used 2 nvidia cards previously )

4) when complete shut down

5) remove HD5670 and fit HD4850 connecting the required 6pin connector.....

6) start pc and when on desktop allow windows 7 to install wddm drivers....

7) restart as prompted

8) when on desktop install 11.7 ati drivers ( im using a x-fi extreme soundcard so shall i run custom installation and uncheck " AMD HD audio " ? )

9) restart when driver installation is complete

10) when windows loads again go into ccc and select " reset factory settings " ( i was advised to do this by amd ) ... then restart again

11) once windows loads again the installation is complete

this may seem drawn out however i need to make sure theres no trace of any other drivers apart from the 11.7 release.....

so can anyone see anything wrong with the above method....... if so please let me know

many thanks guys !
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