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Originally Posted by Dark NighT View Post
If you happen to have the bottom M.2 slot populated with a nvme ssd it could be that it's sharing bandwidth with the lower pci-e slot and that might be causing the error's you are experiencing.

The other possible option is that the chipset that runs the bottom pcie slot simply can't keep up with the speed that card can pull through and it causes write errors, the middle pci-e slot is directly connected to the cpu and not the chipset.

no second NVME. only the one connected directly to the cpu.

i wonder if a bottleneck should prodcuce errors.
that would be a very bad PCI design. slowing it down.. ok.

but it is PCI 2.0 x4 that should be good for 4x 500 MB/s.
the 10gbe card is maxing out at ~1200mb/s.

as to linux.. i tried but i get no connection to the other system.
i guess i have to install the mellanox linux driver onto the USB stick.
have to look how to do that.


there is one more thing i have to check.
when testing the card i screwed it in when using the bottom slot. because it should stay there.
when using the second x16 slot i just put it in but did not screw it on.
i did it so each time i tested the different slots.

i just noticed, that when i screw the card in the card moves a tiny bit. because the slot shield (sorry i am german don´t know how it´s called in english) is bend a bit. so the end of the card moves 1-1.5mm up when screwed in.

it seems to sit fine in the PCI slot but maybe the connection to one or two of the pins is not 100%.

??? could this be the reason? should i not get more error messages in that case?

will do more testing....
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