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Originally Posted by BonkersMental View Post
When i first tried this challenge every time i hit those humps i would veer violently left and hit barrier or wall and completely ruin lap. my solution was to apply quick jab of brakes just before the brow of each hump so that wheels never loose contact with tarmac. a much more cautious approach seems to be paying off. . so from my experience its affecting controller users as well. EDIT: and the little right-left just before the 1st tunnel is a royal pain in the butt. ive only got to have the right or left wheels touch the EDGE of the track for time to be invalidated, im taking extra caution here now to make sure im steering between the edges of track. Weird as most rest of track allows you to touch the edge without getting penalised.
Yeah it's a pain. The humps are ok for me with a wheel but I have to either jab the brakes before the crest or back off slightly. I think it's about keeping the weight balanced. I also have to be careful how much I smash the throttle
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