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Now for the fans:

I innitially bought some of these in 120 & 140mm guise:

and while they are good fans, I really wanted some with red fins. Choices were a bit thin on the ground. Phobya Nano-G fans had the look but not the performance. Enermax Apolish fans also would have fit the bill but the cfm was dire and clearly these put looks over performance.

Enter the Prolimatech Vortex

These were perfect (apart from the price!) high cfm, low noise with great looks. Only problem was the cables wern't braided. Did I mention I hate braiding? Grrrr. Had to be done though:

Another 3 on order along with a 120mm Coolermaster sickleflow as the exhaust fan.

The plan is to have 3x140mm intakes along with another 140mm roof exhaust and 2x 140mm on the Super Mega HSF.
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