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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
Consider me impressed. That is a very good attempt at a home made racing rig.
When you do the rails, consider the same for steering post to allow angles. That is something I dont think most retail ones even have.

I have sat in a few playseats and one thing I always would have liked to see is to make the steering column adjustable on the Y axis. The red bull seat has it, but that is a ridiculous price to charge.

Further note. Now you have a setup, you have to compete with us in the Project Cars monthly challenges! We need more participants.
Thanks very much
Best thing about this is that as i play ill learn what needs changing. Its cheap and easily replaceable.

Ive been trying to figure out a locking system for the Y axis actually. With a long bolt and a wooden gear. Im still playing around with ideas though.

Most definitely up for the project cars. Thanks for the invite 😁 im assuming its PC2?
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