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Home made racing rig

Just an FYI i am NOT a full on driving sim enthusiast i enjoy building things, this was a fun little project which i will use when i feel like playing some racing games like asseto corsa, the crew 2, and forza 4 when that releases in October. It cost me £17 to put this rig together in one afternoon (today).

It started out with an idea from getting a sore back from using the G29 on the table, it felt odd and i couldnt really concentrate.

The chair im using is a racing style office chair, nothing major. I just took the spinny legs off and bolted it down to the base through the bottom.

After i had the idea, i drew a mock up on paper

Then after i had the general idea i went and designed it on Sketchup design software (which is amazing imo)
Everything was to scale, and i knew what was going where.

And here we have it finished product, playing asseto corsa on my 4K TV.

Eventually i am planning on getting rails put in under the seat, because at the moment the seat is bolted down and doesn't move, but ive got the measurements right for my legs.

Thanks for looking
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