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Originally Posted by mehere View Post
Oooo nice shiny bits
Yup, I must admit I quite like the Noctua coolers, it's a nice change of pace from W/C
gear for once.

Originally Posted by mehere View Post
wish all cpu were cheaper than the coolers
Be careful what you wish for, we might end up with 2000 USD heat sinks...

But yeah, there are some awesome deals for non-high-end LGA1366 Xeons on eBay
at the moment from companies sometimes dumping hundreds of them at a time
when they upgrade a client's server farm. I got CPUs, M/B and RAM form such deals
(albeit from different companies).

Seeing as a current-gen CPU really isn't necessary unless you absolutely need those
last few percents of performance it's a pretty good option IMO. I'd rather have something
mid-high end from older generations than lower-end from current gen, unless
current-gen has some killer feature that I want/need. But such features are likely
in mid-high end parts anyway, so you'd have to buy the expensive current-gen
stuff, not the lower end parts.
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