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Tolemac 13-08-15 12:53 AM

Old Cartoons/childrens programmes
So I thought I would post this thread for some fun, please share your childhood memories
I'll start off with Ivor the Engine

Dicehunter 13-08-15 01:08 AM

These were my childhood, The toys were awesome too ^_^

Tolemac 13-08-15 01:10 AM

lets not forget Chorlton and the Wheelies

jimma47 13-08-15 01:12 AM

First non-WB cartoons I can recall are Kimba the White Lion (1970something) and Astro Boy in the early 1980s. Star Blazers, Battle of the Planets, Voltron. Awesome stuff that kept me well entertained after school.
Hmmm wonder if I can find Iscandar or the Argo in the Elite Dangerous galaxy??

Tolemac 13-08-15 01:17 AM

Awesome stuff keep em coming :) here is Bagpuss
then the clangers

chrismjurd 13-08-15 01:38 AM

Along with He-Man and Mask were my must see tv growing up, nothing in the last 20 years comes anywhere close to the morality of these shows, immense storytelling

shambles1980 13-08-15 02:26 AM


Feronix 13-08-15 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by Dicehunter (Post 861693)
These were my childhood, The toys were awesome too ^_^

This explains so many things... Dice is He-Man! ^_^

Kushiro 13-08-15 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by Feronix (Post 861732)
This explains so many things... Dice is He-Man! ^_^


SuB 13-08-15 10:12 AM

Jayce and wheeled warriors!


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