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Tweaker 14-01-10 08:52 AM

Virgin & Gaming :(
For the last week i can barely play online in the evening, its getting ridiculous now. When i call the helpline they dont know what i am talking about. My ping goes all over the place, latency to servers just goes to hell and in Counter strike souce i warp all over the place and it affects other players much more than me. Here is Virgins info


Here is my ping test, at 4ish in the afternoon all is fine, then in the evening. :(


Anyone else having issues with Virgin?

Brooksie 14-01-10 09:00 AM

Virgin just suck overall. Customer support sucks, when I was with them my internet always dropped out, had terrible ping just like you. Went to sky and never had a problem.

I had the full virgin package, phone, broadband and TV, went to sky hd, movies, got the unlimited broadband (20mb adsl2 now) and i've never had a problem with them.

mayhem 14-01-10 10:07 AM

Virgin has turned rubbish latly due to cut backs and over crowding but that life.

thestepster 14-01-10 10:07 AM

i did the same as u brooksie got practically the same package, virgin are just terrible sky is 10 times better

mrapoc 14-01-10 10:12 AM

seeems they have problems overloading their pipes

quite a lot of companies do this nowadays so look around before switching (think broadband forums can give u some help)

im with idnet, but thats cause theres no adsl2 or fibre etc. in my area

Ghosthud1 14-01-10 11:02 AM

im on 50mb service from virgin and its bang on! :D

the only pproblem i have suffered is if a game is full on css and i rapidly press refresh on the game server it will sometimes shoot my ping to 2000! and locks my internet up!

but now i just refresh 3 times wait a second and it works flawlessly.

in any other gaming/downloading situation the service is top notch.

I Hunta x 14-01-10 11:12 AM


im on 10 meg virgin and ive had 0 problems since i got a new modem from them, before that it would drop out from time to time if id been downloading stuff for a few hours, but that was due to my old modem beeing 7 years old, ping usualy hovers around 8-10 at maiden head, only thing i can tell thats making it not that atm is ive been downloading games from steam since this time yesterday.

customer service can take a few mins longer to get through to people now, but ive only ever had to ring them about 4 times, 1 when the phones been down, 2 when the nets been down (in 4 years) and 1 when the tv box died

Youngie1337 14-01-10 12:52 PM

Yeah Virgin Media isn't the best at providing the best service. I used to get a lot of disconnects when playing WoW, the only time I need an Internet connection and they fail to deliver.

Call them up again and say you're not happy with your service, explain how long it's been and say you're not going to pay your bill for something that's not even usable. Don't let them splatter you in BS, they do seem to try.


Pyr0 14-01-10 01:37 PM

hmmm, i've not checked my ping recently...

doesn't seem too bad for a server 150 miles away *shrug*


I'm on the 20M package btw.

will have to check it again later

can't say i have any major issues here. only reason i'm on virgin tho is cos it's way faster than i can get through adsl :(

alexhull24 14-01-10 01:41 PM

Mine is appaling too, especially at peak times. Has been for about 3 months now. I have an engineer coming tomorrow to sort an upload power problem, but it won't fix the real problem, which is a massive oversubscription in my area.

Not sure if you saw my reply to your similarly titled thread on OcUK, but if you need to get in touch you could try the method I posted there.

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