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SnW 24-07-10 08:50 PM

Those little annoying [email protected] things ..
We had one on RR i am pretty sure we can use on on here ;)

of course i'll start , one of my stupid cats turned off my system ,

(walked behind my rig and i guess he touched the power button) while it was folding of course,

i lost my SMP WU at 65% :( the rest is fine tho (GPU's)...

So if you have any of those little annoying [email protected] things , post u'm here!

Edi 24-07-10 09:19 PM

lol, gotta love pets!

I just noticed that my work PC went from 3.2GHz back down to stock 2.4GHz, might of been one of our power outages awhile back. I was wondering why SMP was going so slow, I'll have to fix that on Monday!

riotcity76 24-07-10 10:27 PM

Ray it never ceases to amaze me how many things happen to you while folding! :crazy:

stevehat1 24-07-10 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by name='riotcity76'
Ray it never ceases to amaze me how many things happen to you while folding! :crazy:

i think that is why Ray does [email protected], just to see what kind of extraordinary events will occur;):rollingla

kup 24-07-10 10:50 PM

All in the day of Ray!

Start SMP > Find a shoe > Try shoe on > PSU Blows > Buy new PSU > GFX is missing > Cat turns on rig and overclocks it > Sleep


riotcity76 24-07-10 11:53 PM

^ that sounds about right :rollingla

Edi 25-07-10 12:38 AM

lol, indeed that sounds about right

SnW 25-07-10 12:00 PM

LOL exactly my day :rollingla ,

BTW i can't blame my cat completly as i put my PSU outside my case because when its in the case it heats up my 3 GPU's like crazy (at least the bottom one) but i forgot to put my own made cover over it :(

So i can now take the cat out of the oven again :D

Anyway i woke up today (always great) and to my surprice my second rig i think it was working but couldn't get a signal so had to restart it,

will check laters if i lost hours of folding.. i hope not !

EDIT seems that it was running :cool:

stevehat1 29-07-10 02:16 AM

While at work today I noticed something was amiss with my PPD, a few updates with less than normal points.

Come home to find the i7 930/460 rig running with no warm air coming from the cpu HSF, also the monitor was powered off, I'm like WTF. Talk to the wife and she tells me that the cleaning lady was cleaning around the computers.....enough said:mad::ar::ar::cussing:

riotcity76 29-07-10 03:55 AM

For a second there I thought you were going to say that Ray's cat snuck into your house and turned off the rig :p

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