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CalVic 12-02-20 11:16 AM

New PSU Suggestions!

I think that the time to replace my PSU is somewhat due. I have been rocking the same PSU in all of my builds since 2007-08 so that's 12 to 13 years of heavy service from a Thermaltake Toughpower 1200w.

I have no real need to replace it. The fan within the unit is still functioning perfectly as it did since new (albeit not active). However, I have noticed that over the last few years my systems never seems to boot as it should at times. For example, I can have the system on full stock and yet the system will boot loop, and the only way to resolve it is to pull the cable and try and clear the capacitors as much as possible.

Since power requirements have changed a lot, I guess I am not getting as much efficiency from this PSU I once did when I was running Quad SLI.

I'd like to go for something that is reliable, has served me as well as this PSU has done so. This PSU with being so old has actually supported everything I have thrown at it within the years. i.e 2x 8 pin motherboard connectors, array of PCI-E power requirements as well.

Not entirely sure on which wattage I'll need, but I think 850 is probably a good bet.

Any suggestions?

WYP 12-02-20 12:27 PM

Can you list the specs of your current system? That will help us judge your wattage requirements.

CalVic 12-02-20 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by WYP (Post 1016062)
Can you list the specs of your current system? That will help us judge your wattage requirements.

Sorry, it's the same system within my signature:

4790k 4.6Ghz @ 1.15v
Asus Maximus VII Formula Z97
Gigabyte 980 G1 Edition
16GB DDR3 @ 2200Mhz

Eddie long 12-02-20 06:23 PM

Ive got two seasonic power supplies in my systems always been good so far , although not as old as yours , as for size i wouldn't think you need more than 600w IMHO

NeverBackDown 12-02-20 07:26 PM

Corsair, Seasonic, Fractal, EVGA, probably a few more in any range from 600-750 watts is more than enough for your system. Just find one in whatever 80 rating you want(like gold, silver, titanium, etc) and fully/semi modular.

All make reliable stuff. Just get what you want at a price you want.

The latest review OC3D did was this
With the article as well...

Overkill for you but the written review at least has a chart to compare alongside others.

AlienALX 12-02-20 08:00 PM

I wouldn't bother. Take it apart, inspect it (don't touch anything inside) and make sure no capacitors are leaking or bloated then blow it out with air and put the lid back on.

I could understand if you had loads of cash worth of parts but the fact is everything is as likely to fail as the PSU.

CalVic 13-02-20 09:29 AM

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I love the fact that the suggestions pretty much half my current wattage capacity. It just goes to show how much technology has changed. This PSU first powered at 45nm CPU. Now we have 7nm CPUs from AMD!

I guess as times goes on more and more hardware will require less wattage :)

Thanks for the food for thought, I just don't want this PSU popping and taking out the only hardware that I have.

AlienALX 14-02-20 03:21 PM

There's more of a chance of a new one failing than an existing one that is proven to be fine.

You're better off saving that money in case the board dies or the GPU which are the most likely to as those are the ones getting the hottest and most stressed.

Plus their value now is not worth paying to protect. Not when you can pick up Ryzen 1600 and B450 boards so cheaply.

I would think more about saving for a new rig rather than spending money to protect an old one.

4 cores alone are no longer enough to guarantee every game will run smoothly, so I would be more concerned about that TBH.

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