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Old 17-04-13, 09:45 PM
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Black In Control

Welcome to the start of an upgrade to my existing build. There will be no hardware upgrade, at least none planned anyway , and the minimal of modification to the case. This is purely about watercooling my pc and adding in a control system for the watercooling and case fans.

System spec:
Intel i7 2600k
Gigabyte P67-UD7-B3
EVGA 670 GTX 4GB SC (x2)
8GB Patriot Viper
Coolit Vantage CPU Cooler
Corsair AX1200 PSU
Silverstone FT02 case

Those folk familiar with the Silverstone FT02 case will know that it’s a bit of a pain to fit watercooling to. It can of course be done with some modding, but it’s not an ideal setup imo. Here’s what I plan:

Here are a few images of the system before work begins:

The NZXT fan controller you can see here will no longer be needed.

A bit of a dark shot with the cover removed. Ignore the time and date on the NZXT fan controller, it's so inaccurate I stopped correcting it.

Some internal lighting. A little too bright and distracting but still useful. I'll be doing something to tame it, as well as the switching of it (see below).

The discrete switch for the lighting. This will be removed and replaced with the Aquacomputer Aquaero relay output.

You can see here the Coolit Vantage cpu cooler, been pretty reliable since new, but it's starting to gurgle a bit now. It's a shame Corsair didn't design anything similar to the Vantage when they swallowed up Coolit .

EVGA 670 GTX 4GB in SLI. These will be watercooled too, but not the usual way...

Cheers for reading, and I'll update soon!

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Old 18-04-13, 03:49 PM
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A selection of bits...

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Old 18-04-13, 05:03 PM
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Oooooooh shiny
Professional 3D-Printing Nerd
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Old 18-04-13, 05:48 PM
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keep the pics coming
My Rig|| Motherboard: Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z || CPU: i7 2700k @ 4.6, 1.35v || Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 1070 SC ||
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Case: Coolermaster HAF X

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Old 18-04-13, 08:39 PM
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Plenty of shiny shiny!

Here are some more pics of the components:

This is the external radiator, the Watercool MO-RA3 4x180 PRO, or as I call it, the HFR (Huge Fooking Radiator)!

It still has it's protective film on it, but I've attached the feet. The mouse is next to it to give you a sense of it's size.

It is a pretty dense radiator!

As the radiator will be external and I need a way to move the PC and the HFR without growing another limb, it will be connected through quick disconnects. When I need to move either the PC or HFR I'll just separate them (when it's switched off of course).

I've labelled them so you know what you're looking at:

QDC's and fittings assembled below. The QDC's will be fitted below the power supply so will only be partially visible.

When editing the image above I noticed that one of the 10mm push-fitting is different - the top one is different from all the rest I have. Typical that I didn't notice it until the pic was taken .

Here's the Aquacomputer Aqualis system that I showed in my schematic. It consists of the USB D5 pump, the Aqualis pump block and the reservoir. It is surprisingly heavy once assembled. This will be attached to the side of the radiator, the mounting of which is still to be determined.

This will give me control of pump speed and monitoring of coolant fill level.

My water block of choice for the CPU is the XSPC Raystorm in chrome. Got to have some bling in the case .

Any thoughts or questions let me know!
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Old 18-04-13, 08:45 PM
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Nice watercooling gear ! control it! ;p
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Old 18-04-13, 09:43 PM
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first off great start cant wait to see more. Secondly I understand the desire for what appears to me to be automated control of your system. But imho totally unneeded a simple fan controller will do about the same albeit manual control. imho the extra wiring for those sensor will muck up a clean build. And automation seems to fail at some point costing time and $$$ to fix But as I said i cant wait to see more pics.

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Custom water Cooled Hardware Labs GTS360/240
ThermalTake Grand RGB 1000w PSU
Corsair Crystal 570X

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Old 18-04-13, 10:22 PM
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Love the shinies!

I have a MoRa2, and they are indeed rather dense, especially considering that they're pretty thick
as well.

The chrome raystorm looks bauce!
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Old 20-04-13, 10:17 PM
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Thanks for your interest guys, plenty to update!

The Silverstone AP181 fans that I'm using for the radiator have a switch already wired to alternate the speed between two settings. I won't be using the switch so rather than remove it I'll hide this cable and switch in the rad box, but set to full and taped up. The Aquaero will take over the fan speed control duties.

Time to mount the fans to the radiator. One fan:

Four fans!

Fan grill in place:

It's a monster...

So, a little masking tape, marking up, centre punching, drilling etc, to mount a bracket. I drilled the fan grills because it was convienent and worked well. You need to be careful where you drill in a rad!

Aquacomputer Aqualis reservoir pump base and USB D5 pump mounted:

Reservoir borosilicate glass and auto-pressure relief installed. Very happy with how this turned out!

Time to bend some copper pipe! Rather than test and waste the good chromed tubing, I got some normal 10mm copper pipe to practise with first, always wise!

I was testing how to connect the reservoir/output of pump to the radiator. I'd appreciate your thoughts on the three options:

The complex bends:

The two 90 degree up-and-over bends:

Or the simple flexible tubing (10/13mm, ID/OD) with two 90 degree rotary fittings:

The last option is the easiest and greatest flow, but the copper pipes do look good. Need to perfect the bending tool as it did mash up the copper pipes a bit!

Progressing onwards...
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Old 20-04-13, 10:58 PM
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i like the tubing method, if you get better fittings....

did you know SilverStone came out with new 180s??? over 5.8mmh20 of static pressure!!!


http://3dmark.com/3dm11/2716743 highest 2500k+560Ti SLI TO DATE!!!
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670, aquaero, ft02, vantage

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