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Old 30-08-06, 08:41 PM
Direheart66 Direheart66 is offline
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Should I wait

Basically I was wondering if any of you had some Insight of anything that may come out?. Im not worried about prices but since I want to buy a new system. I don't want to buy something and then right after a new technology arrives. Since I was thinking of buying my new System in January is there something I should wait a bit more for?. (Its going to be a Conroe system).

Thanks for your time.

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Old 30-08-06, 08:46 PM
Dav0s Dav0s is offline
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best thing to do is wait til january to decide if thats when you are going to get the rig, as technology changes very quickly
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Old 30-08-06, 08:48 PM
NoL NoL is offline
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Wait at least for new revision if you want a e6600

Send me your food.
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