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Old 24-07-09, 07:22 PM
fabbio77 fabbio77 is offline
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help overclocking Q6600 GO

Hey, I'm new to overclocking and I'm not exactly sure what settings I should use in the bios.

If anyone could help me I'd be very greatful

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Old 24-07-09, 07:29 PM
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need more info.

First what Motherbord you running.

What ram are you running.

What Sort of cooling you running . Heat sink and fan or water cooling. this will give us a batter idear on how to proceed.

All so the Q6600 go has been over clocked by many users on here and much of what you are after has all ready been talked about. You can use the search feature above to look for most of you answers.

How ever a q6600 is optimal at 3.6 ghz at 3.8 ghz its fast but youll not see any speed difference unless its for bench testing. I think on Air cooling people mange to get around 3.2 Ghz with out heating problems.

You need to find you ram timings for you ram and input these direcly into the bios such as 5 5 5 15 and then set you voltage of your ram. If you do not know you ram timings you can download CPUID from here -> http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php and this will tell you what they should be set to.

Allso this gives you info on you CPU speed and motherbord. You can then take screen shots of this program and we can help you out.

Allso a nother good tool is HW Moniter from there site here -> http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php

This will help you keep an eye on the temps.

here is a over clock on a 6600 Go with water cooling

this is a 4.* Ghz over clock on water cooling. you can see the ammount the V-Core was raised to as well and the ram speed.
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Old 24-07-09, 07:40 PM
fabbio77 fabbio77 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
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Right well I will have a look at other threads.

As for my system :

-Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 G0 Stepping

-Asus P5E3 Premium/WiFi-AP

-Corsair 2GB (2x1G DDR3 1333MHz/PC3-10666

-Cooler Master Sphere (air cooling)
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Old 24-07-09, 11:04 PM
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Oky so i presume its DDR 3 . that puts me out of the games as i run DDR 2.

Cannot help any more sorry cos as ive said above.
All support is now handled direct at http://support.mayhems.net/
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Old 25-07-09, 04:35 PM
mighty_moll mighty_moll is offline
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If you have ample air cooling and are just looking for a quick overclock as a tester (nothing sersious) - i'll post my BIOS settings in a sec.

Overclock Tuner: Manual

CPU Ratio: 9

FSB Strap to Northbridge: 333

FSB Freq: 333

PCIE Freq: 100

DRAM Freq: DDR3-1066

DRAM Command Rate: 2N

DRAM Timing: Manual - 8-8-8-27

DRAM Voltage: 1.9v

Everything else is set to auto. As i said this is just a simple overclock to about 3 Ghz with ample air cooling. I have a large fan on the front of the case (180mm i think) drawing air in. An 80 mm on the side drawing air in and 2 80mm on the back of the case exhausting to get the airflow going. This said - i fitted an XFX 4890 and the case temp rose about 5 degrees.

At idle all 4 cores sit at about 38 degrees and under load they get to about 58 degrees depending on the ambient air temperature. Along with the GPU under heavey load the CPU can reach the 60 degrees. I wouldnt want to go any further without water cooling - but your setup could easily give different results.

Oh yeah - to get anything more then the 1066 from the DDR3 i think you are going to need a 400Hz FSB but you will have to play with this as i havent tried. My Mobo will only support up to 1333 overclocked being the ASUS PK5C.
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Old 25-07-09, 10:19 PM
rapidman17 rapidman17 is offline
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right, let me give my two cents

firstly the CM sphere is not a great cooler, but will allow a medium overclock while keeping temps to accpetable levels.... x-bit labs at 3.15ghz got temps of around 80 (http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/coo...e_7.html#sect0) which is pretty high, so it would be wise to aim for around 3.0ghz if running 24/7.....

p5e3 premium is a rock solid board... for a basic overclock keep all voltages on auto, turn up the fsb to 335, and ram dividers of 4:5... You should be able to locate all the settings in the bios, you can use the manual to find the dif options...

boot into windows and post up screenies of cpu-z, coretemp and speedfan like mayhem has done...

we can work on getting the voltages right after, a 3.0ghz clock on auto shouldnt be a problem...
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