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Old 25-12-12, 09:46 AM
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Its not just about watts, always pay close attention to the 12v rail amp output. Without it meeting the minimum requirement of your gpu/s they will either have a shorter lifespan or behave erratically especially under heavy workloads.
Always good to have headroom with a psu. Their continuous power output degrades over time and once you go over the unit's level of efficiency power wasting increases.
Plus the noise from the fan trying to keep it cool.
There is no way id put my high end components in the hands of a cheap psu. Typo many systems get toasted by overworked psu's or poor caps etc.

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Old 31-12-12, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by seumasbeathan View Post
I really don't think that site is very good, according to it, I could run a 3570k oc'd th 4.5ghz and 2 HD 5850's and that would only use 440w
Old post, but...

That seems to be fairly accurate actually. A 5850 has a rated TDP of 151w, the 3570k has a TDP of 77w, which would probably be around 100w depending on how many volts are added for the overclock. Since you didn't specific about the hard drives and motherboard, so I would assume the rest of the components would be pulling around 50w, which totals to 450w.

Should you be running a rig like that on a 450w power supply? Of course not, something along the lines of a 600-700w units would be suitable to ensure that unit is at lower load levels for cleaner power output and a longer lifespan overall.

Originally Posted by RioT LiNaRo View Post
Why does people complain so much on OCZ PSU?
OCZ has less RMA's than 2 of the other Brands u named...
It's worth noting that OCZ doesn't actually make the power supplies, but they sell rebranded units, typically produced by Highpower or FSP. Consequently you really can't generalize all of their products as they are being produced by completely different companies, let along the different price ranges different products are targeted at.

Their ZT and ZX series are pretty decent though, high quality internal components and clean power output.
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Old 15-06-13, 07:07 AM
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12 Years later and I can confirm: Link is broken xD
Maybe unstick this thread?^^
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