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Old 18-04-17, 06:17 PM
JoJo-JCLDJB JoJo-JCLDJB is offline
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Rx 570 or 580?

It's official.
I will buy an Rx 500 series GPU at the end of the month.

My budget is £200 but I am willing to stretch a bit to get a reliable brand.

Thing is...I don't know what to go for and could really use some advice please. ��

I currently have been been surviving with an:
2133mhz 2x8gb RAM (overclocked from stock 1600mhz)

I may get a chance to give away this APU and put the highest clocking CPU that'll fit my fm2+ socket (at not extra cost... straight swap)

MSI A68HM-E33 V2 motherboard.
CX600 psu ready to go.

But which Rx GPU should I buy?

My goal is by end of 2018 latest have a Ryzen PC then buy a double of whichever Rx 500 series GPU I buy right now and go crossfire...

So I was thinking going full out Rx 580 8Gb to be prepared for the future..but considering my lackluster apu or even athlon x4 860 I'm likely to swap it with.. The APU/CPU will still be my bottleneck.

Would you recommend a full on rx580 8Gb? Just go for the best I can get?

Or is an Rx 570 8Gb or even 4Gb all I should even be considering right now...
AND should I then do a full ryzen upgradable with vega in 2018 and scrap this current GPU I'm going to get, by then?

At the moment I'm playing full on RTS games..and I'm fine with 1080p..I play all Total War series games and a few horrors or shooters..but I'm not too FPS apart from the new Unreal Tournament as a stress buster..haha!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my current predicament.

What would you do with my current, yet slightly flexible budget..considering my thoughts on my future planning..

Any upgrade gpu-wise would be a plus from what I'm currently on.. I know..

Oh and I do 3d modelling and animation too. Which I can say the AMD APU I currently have, handles things pretty well...all things considering.

Thanks for reading, hope I get a reply and your suggestions.

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Old 18-04-17, 06:47 PM
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If you are buying Vega you mine as well just save up and skip the 580 and put that money towards a better Vega GPU.

As for Ryzen, I'd get no less than a 1600 since you are doing some modeling work.
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Old 21-04-17, 02:28 PM
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Vega might be wasted at 1080p with RTS games. A single RX 580 8GB would do nicely with a Ryzen R5 1600 CPU. Vega 11 is so foreign at the moment that we don't know what it's supposed to compete against. Is it aimed to be a 1070 beater? 1080 beater while Vega 10 is aimed at beating 1080ti? We just don't know. If you game at 1080p then I don't think waiting for Vega is entirely necessary. We already have very good 1080p cards from both Nvidia and AMD.
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Old 21-04-17, 02:58 PM
JoJo-JCLDJB JoJo-JCLDJB is offline
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Thanks for replies folks.

RX 580 8Gb it will be for now then & upgrade to Ryzen in the distant future.

Just need to find one that is priced under £250 and not overpriced like some of the £300+ ones (ridiculous imo).

Still...will seem quite a boost from my current, stressed, APU.

Thanks again!
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