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Old 26-08-09, 12:54 AM
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Logitech G19

Logitech G19:

So you have the fastest quad core money can buy, overclocked to the max. You have the latest graphics chips and watercooling, but you are still using the same budget keyboard that came with your old pc five years ago.

It is a situation that many of us enthusiasts find ourselves in. We spend hundreds (or thousands) on the latest high spec components but skimp on the bits that we use the most. The keyboard and mouse.

It has been well understood that a good mouse can make a huge difference in a gamer's score, but a keyboard has never been so important. I mean, one keyboard is much the same as another right?

With Razer and Logitech seemingly fairly in control of the higher end of the market, it seems now might be a good time to look at Logitech's latest offering, the G19. Those of you who have been around for a while may remember the G15, which one of the first (if not the first) to feature an LCD screen. It was backlit in orange, featured 6 macro keys (rev. 2) which could be programmed to execute a series of commands at the touch of a button.

The packaging of the G19 is reasonably restrained, with the usual Logitech G series colours and the back devoted to the features. The keyboard was adequately packaged, but I get the feeling a courier would have no problem destroying it.

So now we come on to the G19. It seems Logitech took on board some of the users ideas and have totally redesigned the G19. This keyboard features back-lit keys, in almost any shade, 12 macro keys, media keys, a switch to lock the windows key off during games, a volume control switch and best of all, a 240*320 colour screen.

All of this has a price. While the G15 was a mere £50 or £60, its new big brother is £120. In addition, the USB connection can no longer support the additional power needed by the screen. An additional power supply from the mains is provided, which adds new clutter under your desk.

Perhaps, this would be a good time to say some of the other features. This model has a wrist rest, can act as a powered USB hub with two USB 2.0 slots in built. No audio pass through is included unfortunately.

The G (macro) keys can be programmed on the fly, or using the software. There are also three modes which the keyboard can be put into, which changes the programming of the G keys and changes the backlighting colour to that which you set in the software. Those of you familiar with the G9 mouse will be used to the range of colours available. The backlighting is not overly bright, although it can be turned off entirely it cannot be dimmed, except for picking a darker shade in the software.

Typing has a nice feel, with the keys being nice to touch, with a slightly rubbery coating and making a quiet but effective sounds when hit, which leaves you in no doubt as to whether a key has been hit. The keys are full travel (not laptop style) and are membrane sprung . The keyboard is 49cm long, which is only 5cm longer than a generic OEM keyboard.

Now we look at the screen. It has the same resolution of an iPod classic, is about 2.5" and has a decent backlight, which can be tweaked. It is also full colour, allowing it to watch MP4 movies on your computer on the little screen. (Loading screens aren't nearly as bad with Lord of the Rings on). It can also browse bits of youtube, read RSS feeds (including everybody's favourite reviews site's RSS feeds), all programmable through the software. In addition there are a few in built programs such as the media display, which shows what is playing, allowing easy control of it through the media keys. Other programs include a performance monitor for CPUs, a clock, a picture viewer and additional programs such as Windows sideshow programs.

This enables the user to check email, look at their calendar and browse their windows media player library. Yes it is possible to check your email mid Crysis! (Although it must be your inbox, not in a sub folder).

Some programs also have the addition to display information onto the G19, although so far almost all of these seem to be for the G15, hence are monochrome. Core temp is a nicety, as is Crysis. More programs will support this as time goes on and the user base develop programs.

So we come onto my conclusion. There is one issue I've found, which is that the computer sometimes can't recognise the keyboard, although as it is through a USB hub, the hub may be the issue. Apart from that, I love this keyboard. Now I have the screen, I find it more difficult to use a pc without it. The keyboard is very good, it performs well and is well built, has many features and looks great. The bad news is the price. For this money, you could get two razer keyboards, or a Saitek Eclipse III and a gaming mouse of your choice (except the mamba), but if you have to have the best, this is the one for you.

Overall, 9.5/10 for performance, 6/10 for value and 10/10 for presentation.


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Old 26-08-09, 12:37 PM
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Nice review matey. Bit on the dear side for me and the power mains adaptor is rather annoying, but it looks like a top keyboard
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Old 26-08-09, 12:45 PM
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Good write up. Damn I like the look of that. Might even see if they're cheaper in the states.

One thing I found shopping for the G15 over there was that it was $99, when -yes- at the time the G15 was also £99. The £50 tag took quite a while to achieve.

Bit of a downer for me that they took the 3x G keys away and just did them in pairs. In the mmorpg, I like to assign the middle set for wsad, having the buttons above and below of skills. Very handy.

Good stuff tho.

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Old 26-08-09, 01:21 PM
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I'm pleased with keyboard, although it is pretty pricey, and won't be for everyone. The biggest problem I've found is that the G keys are over to the far right hand side, so my fingers automatically hit them for the shift and control keys when I'm first at the keyboard.

The mains adaptor is just something you've got to live with, although the USB calbe could do with being a bit longer. Only really a problem if you have a very long desk and the computer resides at the opposite side of it.

Cheers for the responses guys

i9 7980XE 4.6GHz - EK Supreme EVO - Asus - X299-RVIE - 32GB 3677MHz RAM - 2 x 2080Ti EK Cu Block - Creative Titanium Pro - Tower - Samsung 970 Pro 512GB - Plextor 240GB PCIe SSD - 6TB HD - Dual Loop
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Old 26-08-09, 03:00 PM
sicat sicat is offline
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NIce review,tis a nice looking k/b,buts its just way too pricey.
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Old 30-08-09, 02:07 PM
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Nice keyboard, but in the wrong price range for definite
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Old 05-12-09, 10:34 AM
idbaghera idbaghera is offline
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Nice review...

I Have a G11, is more atractive to me..i changeit the led colour from BLue to White..and i have a Iluminated now
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Old 09-01-10, 11:31 AM
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good review but i would go with steelseries 7G if i had the money
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Old 18-10-10, 08:10 PM
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Everyone says the keyboard is to expensive but i spent more on my G15 that this, I admit I'd never pay the RRP for it but if you hunt around you find it for a pretty good deal, Its a lovely keyboard. It's a lot quieter than my G15 to lol, that was so loud to type on. It's worht the $$$, Even as just a upgrade from the G15 and there is always the young up coming geeks that would buy your G15

I never have a issue when typing and getting the G keys mixed up only when pressing the Esc key some times .

There was a new update for the G19 released not to long ago and fixed the LCD bugs and issues I had with it, You can even put a webcam on the LCD now, Could be kinda creepy to lol.

My Pro's

•Full color LCD

•Keys can be any color you want.

•The programs and capabilities on the LCD and improved since the G15 finally.

•Its just the right amount of G keays. not to many like the early G keyboards but not to few like the late G15

•Media control, At first the scrolling volume wheel to me was a con but It took a whole of a day to grow on me and see why it is like that.

•The toggle switch for the illumination is only on off instead of 1/2 light then full then off like the G15, Again at first I thought of it as a con but after I thought about it my G15's lights were always on full or off never half lol so its a Pro.

•It works good as a keyboard to

My Cons

•The cable isn't long enough (So i use it in a USB HU

•The LED back lights are a bit dull some times more so with cretin colors.

•Would like to see more programs compatible with it, Not just games.

•The "performance monitor" could be a little more detailed.

•The back lit G19 branding is kinda unnecessary.

•The extra light that comes out the USB ports is a bit cheap, Would be cool if they were illuminated like as if they were meant to do that.

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Old 26-06-11, 09:29 AM
gert van rooy gert van rooy is offline
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i am glad they finally managed to get rid of the bugs in the lcd

yggdrasil did you need 2 re install the software aswel ever time lcd screen crashed ?

g19+g13 best combo there is for me
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