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Old 14-02-20, 11:18 AM
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New To Linux

So I have myself a spare little SSD a friend in work gave me as he upgraded to something far larger, It's only a little Toshiba 30GB mSATA SSD for which I do have a little adaptor for, But I'm guessing that's way more than Linux needs.

So, Any recommendations ? All AMD system if that helps, I have no clue how to use terminal but I am willing to learn.

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Old 14-02-20, 11:32 AM
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If it's partly a learning exercise, and you want to understand the layers of software that make up a traditional OS, have lots of ability for customisation, and bucket loads of great documentation(The wiki is famous for its detail and range of topics), then I'd definitely recommend trying out ArchLinux, or a derivative like Manjaro that includes an installer and some Ubuntu-like driver management (And the option of more) to help you get started.

From there you can install more or less any Desktop Environment you want if you fancy a GUI, I wouldn't go this route for a daily driver system if its your first time with Linux though, going for something Ubuntu (Or even just Debian) based will save you headaches, but hundreds of options there.

(OS' like Arch are much longer/harder to setup, but also much easier to fix when they go wrong).
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Old 14-02-20, 08:31 PM
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If you want a windows experience that will ease your transition, then Zorin OS.

I use it personally on my old laptop. In windows, it can't play YT 1080p60 without major major buffering/stuttering. In Zorin it's totally fine.

Other Distro's that are popular and generally user-friendly.
Linux Mint
MX Linux is new and past like 6 months took over the Distro world in popularity.
Ubuntu is classic and by FAR has the most support. The community is huge.

Pop OS! is popular too.

Clear Linux is extremely fast if you want to try it out.


Right-hand side is the order of popularity.

If you don't want lots of terminal work, then any Arch-based Linux you probably won't like. If you want to try then Manjaro is most popular I believe.

Really it's all personal. Each Distro can be based on the same thing but they customize it in specific ways. It all depends on if you like it.
Here's a result from a quick google search.
All it was, "best linux distro for window users". Good place to start.

For any technical/benchmark stuff Phoronix.com is amazing. My favorite Linux site.
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Old 15-02-20, 12:56 AM
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Try it via VMware first. Or try loads, your choice.

I'm back into playing with it again it's great fun.

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Old 15-02-20, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Try it via VMware first. Or try loads, your choice.

I'm back into playing with it again it's great fun.
Most Distros he can try through a USB stick and a newer implementation is trying through a Browser! Which is pretty cool.

These methods are obviously slower though. USB isn't all that fast and well a Server hosting a Virtual OS... Yeah just think about that
Both work though! Great ways to try. Personally would stick with a USB trial run.

But if this 30GB drive he has is just spare. He can disconnect all his drives, leave that 30GB drive in, then install it there. Play around and whatnot.
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Old 15-02-20, 02:36 AM
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Ubuntu for convenience, Arch for learning. Pop! OS is apparently nice, especially for gaming, but haven't tried it myself.

I'd advice against derivatives, switching desktop environment is pretty trivial. And desktop environment is often the motivator for fringe distributions - however, having good documentation and plenty of forum threads for even rarest of issues is valuable, which both Arch and Ubuntu do have. Good luck with something like Zorin, if it breaks. Similarly, while Clear Linux is stable and well-optimized, the amount of packages (ready to install software, you generally don't want to install anything not readily in repos) available is lacking.

I'd recommend going Ubuntu first for getting a feel of Linux, maybe switch between Desktop Environments, and then making an Arch install with the DE you enjoyed.
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Old 15-02-20, 12:56 PM
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I can recommend Manjaro XFCE, despite it being targeted at experienced users I found it very easy to install dual booting with windows 10. Also found it intuitive and easy to use, very little command line work if any, user forum very helpful, (I broke my install many times by tinkering and learning). Oh and I am able to play much of my steam library using the same storage drive folders as windows.
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