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Old 05-11-19, 06:35 AM
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Well I ran it on my 1080Ti using the 1080p Extreme preset.

Not manually overclocked just cranked the power target, temp limit and fan speed to max on Afterburner.

The 1080Ti still does me for games though, at 1440p it handles Destiny 2 and Modern Warfare happily so I will be sticking with it for a while and waiting to see what AMD and Intel bring to the table next year.
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Gaming PC: AMD 3950X, 32GB Corsiar DDR4, MSI 2080Ti, WD Black 1TB NVME

Server PC: 2700x, 16GB Corsair DDR4, MSI GTX 1660Ti, Gigabyte 120Gb M.2, Crucial 240Gb SSD, WD Blue 500Gb SSD, 2x Seagate 6Tb HDD's

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Old 05-11-19, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
This actually made me so hard!
When im building my watercooling loop my apartment looks like some scene from an alien abduction movie.

The moment I switch on the heat gun to bend tubing all the lights flicker and dim
im scared to look at what the power draw is. Its such a cheap heat gun but my god it sucks power like a leech on blood.

Anyways. I'll test my 1080ti later, it has me curious because I "used" to bench higher than your 2070 Super. However I wonder if the derivatives of drivers that have flooded us over time has deteriorated the result.

edit* actually I recall it being about 6400 or so. 1080ti Golden sample from Gainward. So no, not as high as your 2070. Ill find out later.
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Old 05-11-19, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
With a 2080 Ti **not overclocked** DXR in M.E actually runs very well, Example below with max settings at 1440P, And the below picture is not cherry picked.
Expected from a 1300e GPU, mainly talking about Alien's 2070 here.
And 68 isn't good enough personally, I tend to drop settings until I'm reliably above 90.
i7 9900k - 16GB - 3080 XC3 Ultra - 660p 1TB + MX500 2TB - HE-4XX w/ Topping D30+A30
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