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Old 30-10-12, 02:26 PM
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Personal Projects - My PCs.

Hey guys thought id add my systems inside here with the planned upgrades.

Main Desktop

CPU - 3770k or upgrade to 2011.
I currently have an i5 2500 so an i7 3rd gen will be needed to take full advantage of PCI-E Gen3 when its fully used. Also hyperthreads will help a bit with rendering.

GPU - Nvidia 700 Series.
I Currently have a XFX Radeon 6870 1GB which is still fast by todays standards but all the GPUs in my older system have been Nvidia and i just prefer them over AMD, they run quieter and with kepler GPUs there very low power users, not saying AMD is slow, but personal opinion leads me to Nvidia.

Case - CM Stryker.
Decided on the Stryker for looks although knowing me ill change my mind before purchase lol, but i love the look of it and it will go well with the colour scheme i want Black/Green/White ill post images when ive put the system in the case at the end of the year

So thats my Desktop build for the future now onto my ITX build.

So im thinking of calling this little nicky. because its small and i love adam sandlers films xD so lets begin.

ITX Build - Little Nicky.
This build is going to be a small PC that will go in the front room. the cooling will be quiet for when films are been watched and will have horse power to spare when it comes to gaming, im tempted to use Lucid Virtu tech so it doesnt use GPU all time and its a lower power user.
So lets begin.

CPU - I5 2500
Mainly to save cash on the build because i already have one which will be swapped when i get my new CPU in my desktop (Above) nice all round CPU.

CCL Link - http://www.cclonline.com/product/449...ssor-/CPU1110/

GPU - AMD 7970
I was tempted by 660Ti but after seeing a few things its not worth the £170+asking price at CCL. to say the 7970 is fast cheaper. i may use my 6870 if i get a 700 Series gpu tho

CCL Link - http://www.cclonline.com/product/787...-Card/VGA0586/

PSU - Corsair 750W Modular Bronze Rating.
Ino 750W is major overkill for 1 GPU but i want it for the overhead so i can hit near the 50% mark for best performance via PSU.

CCL Link - http://www.cclonline.com/product/640...upply/PSU0252/

My Dream Machine.
Ok this system ill probs never build as am no where near rich enough to build it but cant stop a man having dreams, hence why its called Dream Machine.

x2 Xeon e5 2687W 3.1Ghz
I know these are designed for workstations/servers etc, but i love the idea of having the ability to support loads of RAM and when i host gaming servers out for friends the powers there waiting, although i understand ill never use the full amount of power these can use.

x2 EVGA Geforce GTX690
Almost everyone knows a 690 is the fastest dual GPU single card out, but having quad SLI with these would be over kill and i know at times games dont scale well, but keep in mind its a dream machine, if i had unlimited budget and was mental id get x2 of these just for scores and showcase. ref design its a beautiful card although at 1st i didnt like its looks, but there fast, elegant and just all round badass, wouldnt even watercool these cause they look so nice

64GB Mushkin RAM 1600Mhz
I love Mushkin RAM its fast and very well rated, i know with server boards and CPUs you can get Error Correcting Code RAM but again money no object i wouldnt be rather bothered about price, Also i know there is RAM out there that is a heck of a lot faster than this, Corsairs Dominator set that was clocked at 3k i believe although i have never seen a stick of this, i just love mushkin and would have it in this system.

Dual CPU motherboard, i need one of these for x2 which is logical xD but i watched motherboard.org RedDawn and loved the motherboard on there very very nice board although i prefer ASUS UEFI bios over anyone else's bios

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Old 30-10-12, 03:38 PM
jamesriley94 jamesriley94 is offline
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PCIE 3 makes no difference.

As for the GPU - GTX 670 is a good shout. But with AMD driver releases, along with the relative cost - I'd say get an AMD 7950.

For the ITX - I'd recommend getting a Silverstone strider PSU as they're fully modular, reliable - and you can buy short cable kits which makes them perfect for ITX builds.
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Old 31-10-12, 12:35 AM
XDroidie626 XDroidie626 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: West Yorkshire
Posts: 17
for my desktop i was going to hold out for Nvidia GPUs just prefer them and thanks for the advice on the PSU ill have a look into it
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