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Old 31-01-20, 10:17 PM
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Yeah it's super glossy.

I'd use clear hose but it's kinda janky when the coolant gets old.

It also looks lovely and monotone with the lights off.

I got some more bits ordered earlier. The power button is mushy on the rig. It's 12 years old now. I've got a red vandal switch coming. Not sure where I'm going to put it yet but yeah, that'll help. I'll piggy back off the existing cable.

Also ordered a USB C header that's going in too. Want to bring it all up to date.

I drew up the parts for the RGB diffuser today and cut them out of vinyl. I can stick those directly to the acrylic as templates.

Gonna be some work in that because I've massively over designed it, but it should look sweet

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