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3DMARK Bench Thread

Benchmarking is a thing close to many of our hearts here on OC3D, and with the recent release of Futuremark's Sky Diver Benchmark for both free and premium users of 3DMARK I decided that OC3D NEEDED a place to share and discuss their scores in many of Benchmarks and celebrate 3DMARK and the performance benifits gained from system overclocking.

So the point of this thread is to post your scores, both bone stock (CPU, GPU and RAM) and in fully overclocked states.

We will record the names and numbers for the top 10 members in each benchmark, and for those who think that only the rich kids will be on the leaderboard your wrong!

I will record on the OP the % performance gain and not the overall score, so even your kabini based PC could make it to the top if you try hard enough.

As far as overclocking goes nothing is off limits, Overclock your SSD if you think it will help, the only rule is that there must be no hardware changes!

Please post your scores as follows;

System Specs; CPU, GPU + Overclocks (and any other relevant components)

Benchmark : (IE Firestrike)
Score (Stock): (link score to 3dmark online validation)
Score (overclocked): (link score to 3dmark online validation)
Percentage gain (%):

PLEASE GUYS when posting New results do not edit previous posts but add you stock and OC'ed results to a NEW POST! This will make things much easier for me when more results come in.


So for this thread we will go for the most popular (and free) Benchmarks under the 3DMARK name currently used in OC3D reviews, we will ofcourse also add the "New Kid" Sky Diver into the mix. So we will only stick to P scores here.

Now lets get started.

We will start with 3DMARK Vantage, the oldest 3DMARK Benchmark still used by TTL and the OC3D Review team and a personal favourite. There is something nice about the New Calico benchmark that makes me really want a new Sins Game.

As Said before we will stick to P Scores here and will post the leaderboard below.

1. kilbravo, 37.7% Gain, i7 4930k & R9 290X Lightning
2.Damien C, 25.88% Gain, i7 3930K & GTX 780Ti SLI
3. mehere, 21.54% Gain, i7 3770k & HD 7970 Crossfire
4. Watsyerproblem, 16.51% Gain, i5 4670K & R9 290
5. JR23, 16.21% Gain, i7 2600K & GTX 780 SLI
6. HackManSD, 15.79% Gain, i3 3220 & GTX 760

3DMARK 11 is again another popular iteration of 3DMARK used, the iteration that brought DX11 into the mix.

Again the leaderboard is below.

1. agent x007, 60.33% Gain, Intel Celeron D 360 (socket 775) & GTX 780Ti
2. Kaapstad, 37.52% Gain, i7 3930k & 4x GTX Titan SLI
3.Damien C, 17.76% Gain, i7 3930K & GTX 780Ti SLI
4. mehere, 15.74% Gain, i7 3770k & HD 7970 Crossfire
5. Watsyerproblem, 13.58% Gain, i5 4670K & R9 290
6. HackManSD, 3.04% Gain, i3 3220 & GTX 760

Sky Diver, the newest benchmark added to the 3DMARK library. I wonder if the leaderboard will favour the lower to medium spec'ed builds when it comes to performance gains.

Lets see;

1.Damien C, 23.48% Gain, i7 3930K & GTX 780Ti SLI
2. SieB, 21.85% Gain, i5 2500K & R9 290
3. Kaapstad, 21.49% Gain, i7 975 & 2x HD 5970
4. mehere, 17.13% Gain, i7 3770k & HD 7970 Crossfire
5. QuietOne, 15.04% Gain, i7 2700k & GTX 780
6. Watsyerproblem, 14.78% Gain, i5 4670K & R9 290
7. HackManSD, 11.56% Gain, i3 3220 & GTX 760
8. barnsley, 10.53% Gain , FX 8320 & R9 280X
9. Wraithguard, 6.55% Gain, FX 4100 & HD 6790

Finally here we have Fire Strike, a benchmark that can make even the most powerful rigs produce what is not much more than a slideshow, especially in the combined test. Again we will b sticking to P-Score here so that the Free users can compete (and I dont have more work to do).

Now lets see who gains the most here;

1. agent x007, 75% Gain, Intel Celeron D 360 (socket 775) & GTX 780Ti
2. mehere, 23.22% Gain, i7 3770k & HD 7970 Crossfire
3. Damien C, 21.42% Gain, i7 3930K & GTX 780Ti SLI
4. Watsyerproblem, 16.18% Gain, i5 4670K & R9 290
5. Rickyjb, 12.36% Gain, i7 980 & GTX 780 SLI
6. QuietOne, 11.21% Gain, I7 2700k & GTX 780
7. SieB, 10.31% Gain, i5 2500K & R9 290
8. Wraithguard, 7.44% Gain, FX 4100 & HD 6790
9. HackManSD, 5.66% Gain, i3 3220 & GTX 760

Now before letting you guys go at it, firstly have fun and secondly make sure you add link to your scores, otherwise I cannot validate them.

Best of luck guys.
Twitter - @WYP_PC
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