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Old 22-08-18, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by trawetSluaP View Post
Can't really get a bad card anymore can you?
Bad? I think the word you were looking for is "Affordable"

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Old 22-08-18, 01:47 PM
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A lot of GPU issues were resolved once cards ran cooler and stopped dying. However, I expect Turing to reverse this. We'll see what the temps are like, but I would never run a card above 80c for long periods of time. Flux is like epoxy glue and it will crack, regardless of the solder being metal. It will also fail in the core itself too.

If I were buying Turing (which I am totally not) then I would want that *enormous* great whacking MSI card. Trust me, these cards on air? the bigger the better.

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Old 27-08-18, 09:09 PM
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not with the 10 series , but had one 680,two 780s and two 980ti's form them .
no issues with any of them . i think they were all reference based cards, the only difference being custom cooling solution.
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