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Hi All,

Just thought that I would post the end result of the project in the build log, here for your enjoyment (specifically aimed at the people who didn't look at the project log/aren't into that sort of nerd pr0n).

The project is finished for now - just need to get some cash together to get myself a 1080/1080Ti at some point in the future....

Finally, this is the first case that I have really modded to this level. It's kind of like a drug isn't it? I'm itching for my next one already!

If you want to see more, I would refer you to the build log that goes into more detail - the summary of mods performed for this build:

Wrapping the case
Creation of a PSU cover
Addition of a fully customised roof panel - including a cut out for the top rad to breathe when turned on
Custom painting the Radiator shrouds
Custom painting the fan blades
Custom painting the metal plate around the CPU block
Addition of a fill port to the roof
Custom bending hard line tubes (first time for me)
Addition of dust filters to roof and back fan ports

If I had my time over again, I would actually PAINT the case, rather than wrapping it. The wrapping turned out ok - but it was a right pain in the bot-bot to actually get right.

I'm actually quite proud of it - and thinking about submitting to Fractal. Think they'd be interested?

I'm also interested to know what you all think I should do with the extra bit of lighting cable. I dangled it inside to light up the interior a bit more - but it DOES create a bit of an eye-sore...

Let me know what you think!

What we've got here is; failure to communicate...
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