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Old 11-05-19, 12:44 PM
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USB overload?

I don't use my PC very much now. I've come to realise that the meds are making me lose interest in things that I would normally be completely obsessed with. I don't game much any more either, and I now have a plethora of ways to game when I feel like it and the PC is the least comfortable (even though it's very comfy).

Any way, I kinda did this build as my last hurrah really. I've not really upgraded the low down hardware in almost two years and I can't see myself doing so any time soon. But, I do have a problem.

OK, so when I did the build I was put off of buying anything new hardware wise due to the lack of sparkle. IE, even 18 months after I last upgraded (14 core BE Xeon and Titan XP) there was absolutely no point in replacing a single piece of it. In fact, I bought a 16gb quad kit to upgrade it to 32 but ended up removing it as I didn't even need the RAM.

As such I decided then that I was going to stuff as much techy stuff into the build as I could. However, it didn't all go smoothly because I am left with an issue that I can't seem to fix.

When I initially booted the PC for the first time as it looks now nothing was working on the USB at all. I hot plugged the main connector for the USB to the mobo header and I got a message in Windows stating that my USB bus could not provide enough power. This was no surprise, given I have at least 6 internal USB devices that were split over two USB hubs (AC Hubby 7). In order to get the USB to work I needed to disconnect the clock (and power it from the 5v rail) and something else I have forgotten now. That got it to recognise the internal USB stuff OK. I also bought a large hub but that does not work properly. In fact, if I connect my keyboard to it (Huntsman) I end up getting about 20 letters for each one I type. It absolutely has to be connected to the PC. The same goes for the mouse...

Any way, as I said I removed a load of stuff (like DACs, Blue Snowball etc) and it behaved well. The keyboard has settled nicely and in about 40 hours of using the PC has ghosted once.


I now have a boot issue. I press the power button on the PC and the USB system inside the case (vents, lighting etc) flares up the vents and does its show off thing. However, I then get a white light on the monitor indicating that it has a signal. Problem is? it then sits there for about two minutes before I get my BIOS splash screen. I have noticed that the sound card (external USB Xonar U7 MK2), keyboard and mouse all light up immediately. The things that do not light up immediately are the mouse pad (Steeseries RGB ) and the Asus Centurion 7.1. It then sits there, as I say, for about two minutes and then finally the mouse pad and headset do their thing and I am then in Windows instantly. No surprise there, as I have a Intel NVME drive.

The thing is? last week it booted immediately. There was no hold up over the USB.

Is there any way to fix this? I highly suspect that the entire USB system is woefully overloaded, thanks to me basically adding asses to my monkey. Like, lots of asses.

I just wondered if there was a BIOS setting or what not that could aid? or a way to add power to the bus to take the strain off the mobo? The Hubby 7 hubs have SATA power going to them, but it's obviously not enough. Once I am in Windows? the PC is a flying machine.

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