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Old 19-11-19, 01:30 AM
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Android smartphone?

Heya guys,

To start off I wanna say that I’m unsure if this is the correct section for this topic. If not, mods feel free to move it.

On to the topic in question... I have a question for you all Android users here, I’m a long time iPhone user and have been since the 3G era (iPhone 3G and not 3G network).

Last week, a co-worker of mine showed me his new OnePlus 7+ I believe it was, not entirely sure though. What I do remember however was that one feature he liked showing was the front, selfie camera. That when acivated, the camera actually slowly raised up on the top. And then slowly went back down when unactivated the front camera. I also remembe he mentoning the screen being 90Hz.
The reason for saying all of this, is if someone perhaps knows if this is the mentioned phone above or perhaps knows which one it is.

Anyway, it got me a bit interested and now I’m looking into an Android smartphone, only to realise there are more brands that has Android, than Apple actually has iPhones at the monent.

Plus they are also genereally a lot cheaper than an iPhone and are alot more friendly usable, such as easy USB transfer of music and new ringtones to the phone than an iPhone requiring iTunes.

My iPhone X is starting to break a bit with the charging port acting up and I just turned 26 this sunday and which growing up, comes adult life and maturity. I have lately beginning to realise that I’m less of a material guy and especially not needing the latest and greatest.

With this, I want to ask you all for suggestions/recommendations on an Android smartphone, since this is literally a jungle to me. More so than picking out parts for a PC. For me personally, a smooth menu experience, an OLED or equivelant (?) screen and wireless charging are the most essentials things for me. I rarely play games on my phone, just generally Facebook, Messenger and browsing in Firefox (due to syncing with my PC).

Thanks everyone and apologies in advance for the long OP here!,
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