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Netflix Site Error

Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this is the correct section or so, so feel free to move it, but I've been getting this error a lot lately and it's literally start doing my head in, seriously...

I've attached an image, which shows my issue. I used to have my own account and sometimes, as soon as I logged in, I was greeted with this message. I didn't even make it to the different personal profiles inside my account.

Now my sister made an account, to see if my account was corrupted. And it has worked, although now when I log in, I click on my profile and the same error message pops up.

When I click on the button, the page reloads and comes back to the same screen.

I have even tried to clear my entire browser of cookies etc, reinstalled it, tried on a different browser, different browsers on a different device and all the same error.

For my family it works though, but they are all watching on TVs, so I'm starting to assume this only occurs on PC/computers.

The first it happened were about 6 months ago and I called customer service and all they said is literally "this is a known issue and the only recommendation that I have for you, is that you wait 24 hours and it will hopefully be resolved".
That was the end of that conversation.

I am paying the highest subscription there is and it has started to fail on me a lot, so much that I'm now done with it. I've done some extensive research on this as well and this issue goes back as far as 2015, which is ridicolous.

The worlds biggest streaming platform, has this issue and hasn't even resolved it after so many years... I'm then wondering, am I now paying for their service or for their error?.

Anyone that has encountered this error and may have a solution or so to it?...

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