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Old 18-08-18, 07:31 AM
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What is happening with Hex-Gear???

I am planning new build towards the end of the year when all new goodies come out, and i would really like to get my hands on R40. Many people complain on Facebook page that no one responds to them. I know that Tom was in contact with them, and maybe someone else from forums. So i am hoping i will get answer here faster than on FB.

Last time i read anything was that new batch of cases is being prepared for restock, and then they dropped from the face of the Earth.

Will there be more cases in stock, or is it the same story as with CaseLabs?

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Old 18-08-18, 10:12 AM
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Looks like it.

I tried to order one a few months ago, and then about two months ago and they were just sitting out of stock.

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