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Smile AMD FX-8350 + Gigabyte FXA-UD3 = no overclocking?

Hello there! As stated in the title I have the FX-8350 cpu and a Gigabyte FXA-UD3 board. Gigabyte released a bios update before I got the cpu to make the cpu work, and it works like a charm. but now I want to overclock it a little, and I noticed it wont let me? I can't touch a single thing related to overclocking in the bios, not even the RAM, without the bios telling me to turn it off when I try to boot the pc. All I get is a "Click here to get to bios to turn *blabla* off."

Is this suposed to happen? I totaly understand if overclocking isnt supported since the cpu was released a while after the motherboard, I have the rev 1.0 version too so.

But I just want to see if there would be a way, since I do want to increase the boost clock a little bit, just to see if I get any more performance from some cpu-heavy games I play. Altough with my Radeon 7850 2gb it may not give much of a boost. But still! I want to try

So if anyone got a similar setup and/or can help me at all, please do! Maybe it's some setting I have to turn off? altough I didn't have to with my old Phenom 955 be.

Best Regards,


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