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Old 09-02-19, 05:51 PM
mikedf mikedf is offline
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crucial Mx500 or samsung EVO?

i want to buy one ssd for os , programs and games which to buy>?

i am between these 2

#i am between these 2 which to buy?# https://www.crucial.com/usa/en/ct1000mx500ssd1



also i have another question in the ssd can i put and some games? because in this ssd i will have windows 10 and the programs

will i have conflicts and issues if i will put and some games?? or i must put the games in another hardisk?

also i have heard that mx500 are faster from samsung evo becaUSE IN QD1 TAsks is very fast

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Old 10-02-19, 02:44 AM
KingNosser KingNosser is online now
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Either would work fine and you can always re allocate some of the left over space into a gaming partition. I have an 850 evo and the nice thing about that is the Samsung magician software you can clone your current drive onto it very quickly using that and not need to reinstall the OS. The difference in performance I feel is something you wont really notice between them two ssd's so really i'd say it comes down to price and which one you feel is worth the price, with drives being cheaper now buy the best you can afford
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Old 10-02-19, 11:03 AM
tgrech tgrech is offline
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Yeah I can't speak for the Crucial but I've been using EVOs for years now, got a 250GB 850(Abit older and a lot smaller than the one you're looking at) in my laptop atm with a full [carefully remastered & hand gutted] Windows install(~16GB ), a Manjaro(Linux) install(~8GB ), and a load of quite large CAD tools & IDEs and such. I only have Forza on there for games but that's like 60GB, so with a 1TB version you're looking at there should be plenty of room for even a reasonably sized modern game collection of titles you play relatively regularly.

The device I'm using this EVO drive in (Thinkpad T430, Ivy Bridge i7-mobile quad, 8GB RAM, a couple other drives) boots entirely in less than 3 seconds by the way. The drive Magician software is useful for initial setup and making sure everythings at full speed too.
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