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Recettear An Item Shop's Tale review *Game Spoiler*

this is my own personale review about a game call Recettear An Item Shop's Tale i just got a couple days ago¨

Recettear An Item Shop's Tale is a role-playing game developed by Japanese dōjin maker EasyGameStation it's about a dad that's owes money away to "the fairy Tear" and leave his daughter " Recette" to go out to be a hero but he never return and some day a loan-shark "a fairy" come by and want the money back her dad owes but she don't have any money she even have a hard time just to get food for her selv ever day so the fairy give her an offer to make the house to a shop and earn money to pay the bill or sell the house and she decided to start making a shop out of the house and she start making a sign for it call "racketeer".
that's what this game is all about. You start with a small shop to get goods to sell like food, Armor, weapons and so on. you can get the item in some different way's one is to go to the shops or guilds in the town or you can get out on a adventure to fight monsters in dungeon to get goods to sell

when you reach lvl 2 customers may sell you goods you can sell in your store and all the money you earn you need to pay the bill that the loan-shark have set for you to pay each week's the first bill is on 10.000 the next one is 30.000 and next 80.000 and every time its going op so you have to earn more and more money every time and you do that by going op lvl you get experience every time you sell or buy goods and later when you get high enough lvl you can buy goods/upgread for your store like wallpaper, bigger room and more store space for your goods

When i had to pay 80.000 i was like i never gonna get that and i didn't so i loss and had to star over but don't be worry because she wake up and it's all was a dream and you don't lose what you have allreaddy and that's make it a lot easier the next time you have to get it when i had to pay bill 2 on 30.000 the second time i had like 90.000 so it's only there to help you and i like that and i found out i had no need to go to the dungeon not yet because NPC's sell you the goods you need and when you do run out of goods you just go to the guild and get som more and i allways make sure to have alot of goods on me of all categories there is for somtime the price gos up for some of the goods and you can earn 2-3 x the price of what it cost

thats all for now im not done playing it so i cant really give more then that for now

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