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Old 21-03-18, 02:57 PM
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32" TV Upgrade

Replacing my aging 26" LG TV, gonna go for a new 31.5-32" screen. Thing is I have my cable box connected via RCA (I know there are adapters).

I wanted to compare getting a FHD TV at this size (should run me about 400 USD in local currency) or go for a QHD Monitor. specifically the ViewSonic vx3211-2k-mhd (Which goes for pretty much the same as the FHD TV, but will cost about 50 bucks extra for a couple of converters/cables).

Suggestions? Any other monitor for that price?

I am planning to game on it as my second screen, but mostly sports games or singleplayer titles (my main display is an MG279Q)


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