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Old 17-06-04, 09:08 AM
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X800PRO soft mod

link is http://www.eliteb*****ds.com/forum/v...r=asc&start=15

I reckon the anglo saxon language police would erase this anyway, so I did it for them. anyway, Dull in PRC reckons a softmod on one (Sapphire?) got the 16 pipelines- as I have neither atm, I can't tell!


Where's that blinkin dynasig link when u need it?
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Old 17-06-04, 10:30 AM
aXeR aXeR is offline
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ooooh some1 go test it :P
RackSRV Communications
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Old 17-06-04, 10:42 AM
standin wave standin wave is offline
OC3D Crew
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Originally Posted by name='aXeR'
ooooh some1 go test it :P
dazboots maybe?

Where's that blinkin dynasig link when u need it?
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Old 17-06-04, 04:35 PM
Dazboots Dazboots is offline
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just downloaded drivers wil try later.

will let u guys know.
amd fx60 @ 3150 ghz both cores.

custom watercooling thermochill 120.3 pa.

swiftech storm cpu block.

dangerden 655 pump.

2x x1900 crossfire cards watercooled dangerden maze 4.

16 tweakmonster heat sinks.

2 gig corsair 3500 pro ll memory.

dfi rdx200 motherboard.

mountain mods revision 2 case from usa

with 7 inch tft inside.

xfi soundcard. and i truigue 5.1 speakers.

dell 3007 30 inch tft widescreen.

fps 700 watt psu and tagan 380 watt psu.

10x akasa ultra quiet 120 mm fans amber.
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Old 30-06-04, 09:58 AM
pobolycwm pobolycwm is offline
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does not work i have read many many forum threads on this alleged softmod, all the fro i mean french man has done is slightly modified the 9500 - 9700 and the 9800 se softmod the only benifit u will get is from using the new drivers (a couple of hundred points on 3dmark 03)

read this from the creator of riva tuner from rage3d forum

False alarm guys, this driver is an original driver patched with slightly modified SoftR9x00 for forcing X800 ID instead of 9500/9700/9800 modes available in the script. And it will not and cannot do the trick because pipeline count programming no longer depend on the PCI DeviceID on X800 family. And attempt to mod PCI DevID was the first trick I've tried after staring investigating X800 modability, and it doesn't change active pipeline number.

Anyway, anyone having the latest version of RT can reproduce the 'magic' without downloading whole driver by altering native SoftT9x00 script's code. The only altered thing in the script is changed PCI DevID override code. For example, to force x800pro DevID instead of 9800's one, just replace 66 0D 08 0E with 66 0D 09 0A in the script's [Common] section then patch the driver to get exactly the same modded miniport.


1) It won't unlock pipes, because it's just PCI DevID overrider and PCI DevID don't affect pipelines count

2) It is a bit incorrect PCI DevID overrider, it forces X800PRO's PCI DevID, not X800XT's one. Probably the man behind the script modification didn't understood changes made by SoftR9x00 completely, to force XT ID he should edit AND mask too.

Damn, I was _so_ glad when W1zzard showed me that thread. I hoped that somebody else besides us tried to mod the driver and did it himself / found ATI's protections... Now the hopes are ruined. Damn.


Alex Nicolaychuk aka Unwinder, RivaTuner creator
I am the noble rabbit
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