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Originally Posted by looz View Post
The A6000 is great camera but it doesn't have a plug for an external mic out of the box, imo ruling it out as a cheap/beginner's option. The official Sony adapter doesn't come cheap, and external recording is just extra work you probably don't want now.
Forgot to mention that. There are workarounds that aren't expensive and allow you to record audio in-camera (and even add a headphone out for audio monitoring), but they're probably not ideal for a beginner as they can be finicky.

Also a thing worth keeping in mind is that when you buy a camera, you're also buying into an ecosystem of lenses (Canon lenses don't work on a Nikon without an adapter). So if you buy a Canon and get some better lenses later down the line, it'll be harder to switch to another brand down the line.

That's one of the reasons I suggested the Panasonic G7. It has a Micro Four Third lens mount, which has a wide variety of lenses available. A lot of great video camera's have been using MFT sensors, including cameras like the Panasonic GH-line and even Blackmagic Design's latest Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Dmitry from HardwareCanucks currently uses the GH5 (along with the Sony A7III), and in the past he has used the Panasonic G7.

That being said, you can't go wrong with a cheaper DSLR either. A former classmate of mine has shot a full-fledged documentary using a Canon 60d (released in 2010). That same documentary was broadcasted on national TV, and she now runs her own small media production company.

But again, like others have said, you shouldn't invest too much when you're still getting started. Upgrade your equipment if your channel actually takes off. Like he said, your success won't depend on 4k60.

I still film a lot of street interviews using my OnePlus 6 with some video gear I can borrow at my college, and the quality is more than good enough. I'm not alone in that, either. Loads of major publications have started utilising 'mobile journalism' (even BBC does it). Sometimes I even edit those interviews on that same OnePlus 6 with great results.

I've done the same with proper broadcast camera's which are massive and heavy, but if you're conscious about lighting and composition the quality difference isn't even that noticeable.
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