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Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
I've been working in the fitness industry
With respect from my experience what you're saying lines up very well with the impression I get of many people who'd consider themselves gym/fitness fanatics, are you sure it's not more just indicative of the industry you're in? I know theres many of you there who do it for enjoyment or good health and such, but I feel many more people get into that stuff for reasons of vanity. As someone in my mid-20's I know many people who are entitled and spam out instagram and stuff with their pictures in the gym, but they're all middle class kids from rural/suburban backgrounds, usually southerners(No hate lol just generally even more middle class), most young people find those people just as insufferable and detached from reality as anyone else and they're just the tiny vocal minority of a very big group that most our age just ignore. Of course, said group will dominate sites like Instagram that are literally designed for those people, which is why many people *shock* just don't own or go on instagram. However, I seriously doubt these kinds of middle class kids born spoon in mouth *weren't* entitled and insufferable 10 or 20 years ago, you could just avoid interacting with them easier.
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