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Thread: 5700 or 2070?
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Old 09-01-20, 10:54 PM
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What res are you at? Don't bother with userbenchmark, they're no longer trusted(Fiddling with benchmark weightings in weird ways), just use real world gaming results instead. At 1440p there should only be 5% between the 5700 and 2070, even then on average it should only be upto ~10% between the two at 1080p or 4K depending on the range of games tested, you'll never find a consistent 20% gap in a real world game afaik.


Also the 5700XT is usually only 2-6% slower than the 2070Super but can be found for the same price as a 2070(£350) depending on model.

37 game test: https://www.techspot.com/review/1902...adeon-5700-xt/
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