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It's a calculated risk this one. It's basically the same sort of coolant as EC6. It's not got any powder or suspended pearl powder or 'owt. It's just literally black coolant.

That said there is a very easy to access drain port right in the bottom of the distro lmao.

I noticed something super freaky. Usually I am very anal about builds as you probably know. However, look at the hose going into the CPU block, and it coming out again. Look how those curves are exactly the same in mirror form. Now I didn't do that deliberately or plan it, and the chances of it happening were extremely slim. I ran the hose into the CPU block (that was hanging in the case) and cut it to a tidy length, then did the same on the outlet into the distro.

This is why I love soft tubing. Look at the curve going from the bottom rad to the distro and compare that with the others. It's absolutely beautiful.

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