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Originally Posted by Dawelio View Post
Yeah, that has been go-to site when it comes to PSUs. Although they don’t have for the SuperFlower Leadex 750W Titanium, only their 1000W etc.

I’ve personally only ever gone Corsair, hence why asking about Seasonic, as there’s seems to be a very difference in opinions regarding PSU brands. So it’s rather hard to know what to go for really.
No matter what PSU you go for you need to do your research first, and not rely on who is selling it (IE Corsair) as there is a high chance they didn't even make it.

I also like to buy stuff Tom or Jonny has tested cause they know their onions. Jonny flew over and taught Tom all he knows.

For example old AX Corsair were Seasonic and the best around, but the AXi range are not Seasonic and failure rates and issues were much higher.

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