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exactly the point i am making. In your first picture you have pointed out the nerves that "can" cause complications, expecially for Wisdom tooth extraction.

The Trigeminal nerve which branches out into the Inferior alveolar, and mandibular, passes through the jawbone which can actually be in contact with the wisdom tooth. I'm far from knowledged but I think one of these provides sensation to the lower jaw/face including the lips.

Maybe I worded it wrong but this is the nerve which in many cases means you sign a disclaimer before surgery. A normal dentist typically does not handle extractions like this. Both wisdom teeth for me, required a specialist as a normal dentist was not allowed to even touch them. Once in UK, and once in Norway.

To add further complications for me, my wisdom tooth was angled at 90degrees and the nerve passed alongside my roots (all four of them) What made it worst of all is that the soft membrane that surrounds the tooth was incomplete meaning my tooth had fused to the jaw.

As I said, this is not my area of knowledge, but when you experience it, some things stick in your memory. I see my mistake though. I shouldnt have stated over the jawbone but through.
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