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You need a doctors referral because tooth pulling is a surgery. You need a full checkup before it. Blood work, heart condition, allergies, etc... If you are a diabetic, or have high blood pressure there are different procedures that need to be applied while pulling teeth. Dentist can't do those things, so he/she refers you to a doctor.

Edit: As for the condition of the tooth... She may have overlooked something on the first examination, or infection developed despite her best efforts. This things happen in medicine. Also you are not her only patient, maybe she had another emergency case, or private emergency, and that is why she was rushed. You can't judge her without knowing the facts. It is standard procedure that tooth which is causing the infection is extracted and all puss drained.

Edit 2: I must also add that having teeth in your jaw is extremely important. Without them in the bone geometry and anatomy of the jaw is seriously compromised. Every effort must be made to keep them in. The best example are the old people without teeth, and you can see their jaw protruding forwards. This also happens with use of artificial teeth that you can pull out and put in jar (like in cartoons), because they make contact with soft tissue and not the bone. The only proper solution with teeth loss are titanium bone implants, so that the pressure of the chewing can be transmitted into the bone.

So AlienALX please keep as many teeth as you can, and repair them instead of just pulling them out.
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