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Originally Posted by Vault-Tec View Post
The first thing you must remember is that the monitor is the thing you interact with more than anything else. You really, really shouldn't have a crap one. It makes a mockery of everything else in your rig if you're looking at your rig through a dirty window.

However, the thing that made me chuckle a bit about those monitors is that they're 144hz and you are rocking two very old GPUs.

So like you I would be very torn. However, the answer lies in what gets changed and updated more. Monitors are usually good for a few years where as GPUs these days are good for about a week before something else comes along.

So I would get the monitor first. However, what absolutely sucks about modern monitors is that you are then locked to one GPU manufacturer if you want the best bit, Gsync or Freesync. And that sucks. It sucks big, sweaty vinegary balls.

I went Gsync and then Nvidia pulled the 970 trick. I regret it.

However, I just gotta suck it up I suppose. I'm not giving any more money to Nvidia because I will not trust them again so now I am going to lose Gsync.

Originally Posted by Excalabur50 View Post
Gsync and Freesync do make a real difference not to have tearing and the like is awesome

Now back to the op's question I would buy a good monitor now and then update the GPU later as either way you go it will be average until you have both but with the monitor there will be an improvement right away and then when you get the card you will be blown away with the difference
Originally Posted by Newbie_NS810 View Post
Pretty much what everyone else is saying. Get the monitor, as sli GTX 680s are still pretty damn powerful and would be perfectly fine even at 1440p. Just give them a little bump if you really need a little bit of extra performance.
Haha, so OP is kinda like me then... not sure wether to get the 980Ti first or an ROG Swift. But after seeing this thread, I've kinda made up my mind, cheers guys!
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