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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
My desk build has been made up as I go along. Everyone will start with a design and have 100 others in their head, some of which are chosen over the original.

There is nothing wrong in changing what you started with. That's the great thing about scratch builds. No limitations so if you think of alternate ideas then throw them out there and see which has the best appeal for you.
yeah, things have changed a lot since I began.

Designs not finished yet but:
A little update from today's progress:

-Adjust feet holes so the feet attach.DONE
-cut and file the rad mounts for airflowDONE
-file the pillars to make the rads less 'snug'
-cut and file the PSU hole.DONE
-sand case
-Paint case
-Polish feet

need to Add
-cut metal mobo tray.

Can't think of much more progress, one piece of advice for everyone though:
have the item you're drilling mounting holes for THERE when you drill!

I have had to needle file adjust EVERY DAMN HOLE!
problems of using a shared workshop, have to bring it all with me and take it away.

Until next time, thanks for reading
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